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Yibao(Fujian)Polymer Material Stook CO.,LTD founded in 2008, is located in Jinjiang City of Fujian Province Kengzhen brand Industrial Park, the registered capital of 20.51 million yuan, covering nearly 70 acres, the existing employees more than 200 people, is a collection of rubber , rubber and polymer products development, production, sales of high-tech enterprises.

Enterprises have been ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and actively introduce TS16949 and QC80000, and the products have passed the EU ROHS environmental directives and the new EU REACH standards. Yi Bao always adhering to the "diamond in the research, with expertise in quality, honesty in service, leap in development" concept, in-depth research and constant innovation, has applied for 17 patents, of which five have passed. The company has been "science and technology enterprises in Fujian Province" award and won a number of high-tech science and technology award.

The company's emphasis on staff training innovative spirit, to encourage staff to make innovative advice to all the company's continuous improvement work for the realization of "co-production and provide world-class products," the common goal.

Main products: NEOPRENE (CR, SBR, SCR), EPDM, NBR / PVC, TPE, SBR + EPDM, ECO, CR + EPDM, flame retardant EVA, silicone rubber, easy sunpoo ecological boards rubber, rubber plastic foam products.

Products are widely used: electronics, home appliances, automobiles, high-speed rail, aviation and other sealing damping fire equipment, dry / wet diving clothing, surf clothing, diving sets / shoes, life jacket, nautical clothing, mineral resources and equipment wear, sports protective gear , golf bags and luggage, computer bags, yoga mats.

Meanwhile, in the field of environmental protection, we have a high-tech environmental technology from Australia and has the first patented technology easy sunpoo ecological plate, easy sunpoo ecological board set a variety of natural organic materials, does not contain any harmful substances and volatile gases can be reached "0" to the highest standards of formaldehyde. The molecular structure of high-density waterproof completely done, excellent fire retardant performance, high temperature burning does not produce a lot of smoke, carbonization reduce overall release of harmful gases, and is capable of recycling and reuse.

Easy Eco Senbao plate more excellent than wood, with more than 10 professional performance, and certified authorities. Product plasticity, can be arbitrary processing. Can make shaped, curves, surfaces embossed special process. These features and benefits, so that it is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, floor waterproof, fire-retardant furniture, children furniture, outdoor corrosion engineering, civil aviation, motor car, ship cars, car roof and other areas.

Companies rely on strong market resources, to build domestic and foreign markets, and improve the integration and optimization of management, bigger and stronger, to achieve comprehensive development of the company.

About us

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